About The Chef

Kimberly Todd is the Chef/Owner of Meals to Remember Personal Chef Service.  While she is a classically trained Chef, her passion for cooking started at a young age while helping her Grandmother and Mother prepare the nightly meal.  Kimberly was born in Louisiana and raised in Texas, so it is of no surprise for her love of Creole and Southern Cuisines.

After being diagnosed with gluten intolerance, Kimberly was immersed into the world of gluten-free cooking.  She has vast experience with cooking for clients who have various food allergies and raw food diets. 

In her spare time, you will find her painting, enjoying the beach, or cooking for her friends.   Kimberly is very active in her community and believes that giving back is a must!  She feels very fortunate to be living in California where a variety of fresh produce is abundant on a daily basis.

A graduate of The Culinary Institute of America, Hyde Park, NY with additional certification in Baking and Pastry.  She has Personal Chef training from the Culinary Business Academy (CBA) through The Unites States Personal Chef Association.  In 2008, she was awarded the title of Certified Personal Chef thru the USPCA after many years of hard work and testing.

Chef Kimberly has worked in many facets of the culinary industry.  She worked for the Ritz Carlton Hotel where she learned discipline and speed working along side many great French Chefs.  She was a  Research & Developement Chef at a popular Bakery Cafe Restaurant franchise for many years.  Through her travels, she has also worked with two Master Chefs and one Certified Master Baker.  While she values the experience she has gained, she is grateful each day to  be fortunate to work for herself and to serve others.  She is constantly updating her training on food allergies, eating raw food, and specialty diets.


  Certified Personal Chef (CPC)
ServSafe Certified
United States Personal Chef Association, Premier Member
Women Chefs & Restaurateurs
Research Chefs Association
The Culinary Institute of America Alumni Association
Celiac Sprue Association
Chefs USA



Where have you been all my life?  Thank you for making our dinner so special.  I'm sure I'll get another date out of this one  - Chris L.

My wife loved the Valentines Dinner and chocolate dipped strawberries.  Thank you for making the night truly special.  I don't know how I will top this!
  -  Stephen M.

You are awesome!  Thanks for doing such a wonderful job on everything last night.  Everyone had such a great time and you made it extra special for all of us.  I'd say it was a huge success and I thank you for coming into my home and making it memorable.
   - Cindy F.

Your Gumbo is better than my Cajun Grandmother's recipe.
- Jill B.

Everything has been wonderful!  I am definitely interested in having more meals.
  - Wendy H.

The seafood crepes were the bomb, probably my favorite of them all.  Your Chicken Parmesan - we have never tasted any better anywhere.  You need to market that somehow, I am a huge critic of chicken parmesan because it is one of those ordered out a great deal.  The beef ravioli - I didn't even get to taste it because the kids woofed it down, so I take it that it was enjoyed.  I loved your service and want to get some cooking lessons.   -  Pam W.

This town needs your skills.  The town also needs variety.  Many of us get tired of eating the same things.

 -  Kathy D.

Thank you for your fabulous food for our Scotch Party.  Everyone is still talking about your cuisine.

 - Carmela P.

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